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Proper guidelines to a perfect first time date


Proper guidelines to a perfect first time date

First dates can sometimes come up with difficulties and obstacles, leaving frustrated, but with proper guidelines, you will achieve a perfect first-time date. So, are you a man and have been wondering where to start from or how to go about your first date with a woman, worry no more, this article is here to put you through and believe me, if you are able to follow these guidelines, you will forever be happy you did.

Before the date, you plan.

Women are so much attracted to men who have plans. They are so addicted and madly interested with men who are able to think fast and come up with quick plans. So before going on a date with a woman, make sure you prepare very well and do not leave any plan on the way. The woman you are taking out on a date with should just sit and enjoy her stay and she shouldn’t be burdened with any issue.

So what are the plans?

if you are going out together in the car, you need to make sure that both the inside and outside of the car is sparkling clean. Remember that the first impression matters a lot. If you are clean, she will know, likewise if you are dirty. No lady will want to go out with you in a car that is very dirty and rough. Even if it is Benz. If your car is dirty, the woman will think that your house will even be worse than the state of your car. So think about this plan and don’t mess it up. If your car has this bad smells, put in some nice scent.

Before going for a date with a woman, make sure you are with enough money. It won’t be appropriate for the woman to start paying for all the bills. It will be a big turn off. Remember, you will be paying for the food and drink; you may also pay for transport if you are going with a cab.

As the saying goes, dress the way you want people to address you. You need to put on something that shows that you really made out time to prepare for the date. Do not dress like you hurriedly prepared for the date. Put on a well-ironed trouser and shirt and make sure you polish your shoe very well.

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