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“No one does it better With his talent I Take Up Baba Suwe’s Battle With Anybody” – Yoruba Actor Yomi Fabiyi Declare Undying Love For Baba Suwe


Award-winning actor, Yomi Fabiyi, has taken to his Instagram page to reveal that he usually takes up veteran actor, Babatunde Omidina, also known as Baba Suwe, battle with anybody. The actor made this known while eulogizing the veteran actor on his timeline. He said with the talent of Baba Suwe, a lot of stars has emerged which other trees now lean on.

Yomi said at some point he abandoned the reason why he came to meet Baba Suwe, which is acting to see that his career, family, investment, keeps growing.

He said ;


No one does it better. With his talent, a lot of trees as emerged which other trees now lean on, will still lean and grow from.Legend and raw talent. Household name and an institution in Entertainment from the 80’s and very vast and cross over in the 90’s and indeed 2000’s. Such impact undeniable.I am a fan and will always be. At a point I abandoned why I came to him(filming) and dedicated my whole in seeing that his career, business, investment and family keep growing better. I am his natural boy and the pure love is always evident between us even at my lowest ebb. Baba Suwe will forgive and accept me as many times except we no see eyes to eyes. I take up his battles with anybody and almost a target whenever they feel he is weak or captured.We have our differences but deep inside of me, it has never create bad blood. He love me so much that he laughs at all my jokes even when they are not funny. I am sure at some point he wish he birth me. He trusted me so much that he can fight tooth and nail if you accuse me of stealing. In his words “if you say he is heady and principled, I won’t argue but if you add stealing, I will die there”.The King of Comedy, God is with you. We spoke tonight and irrespective, he will still laugh and laugh without me saying a word. He makes the world laugh but he always make me feel important by laughing at my jokes. When advising on serious issues, we will still end it with laughter.Adimeru, omi ose tanikoko, oni pari eshin. Asarata, Asaratu. See you tomorrow Boss. Join me if you want to. Time out with Baba Suwe tomorrow.

Source: www.hartofjoyce.com


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