Home NEWS Nigerian man shares his amazing transformation after relocating abroad (photos)

Nigerian man shares his amazing transformation after relocating abroad (photos)


A Nigerian man based in Dublin City, Ireland has taken to Twitter to share his amazing transformation after relocating abroad.

 Nigerian man shares

The man with handle @dayveedcody_ shared of photo of when he was in Nigeria and a recent photo of himself abroad and the difference is as clear as day.

He stated that a lot can happen when one leaves the shores of Nigeria for a western country and his transformation is proof!

In the before photo, Dayveed looked a lot darker than he looks now that he is based abroad. According to him, he didn’t expect that he would change this much.

He wrote,

“A lot can happen when you leave Nigeria. E.g glow and growth
Who would have thought I could change this much?”

See the photos below,

A while ago, aNigerian medical doctor who relocated abroad 4 years ago wowed netizens after he showed off his amazing transformation.

The young man identified as @don_pet on Twitter shared a photo of myself in Nigeria alongside new photos of himself, and in his caption noted that the difference in his life is palpable after his relocation.

Sharing the photos taken four years apart on Twitter, the man captioned it, “Four yrs ago today I japa’ed from Nigeria. 4 year on, the difference is palpable. Isn’t God a magician?” See here.


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