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“My wife sent only 100k to me which I used for bl00d, test, and drugs” – Man accused of using wife’s CS fee to buy a new phone and dog speaks out


The Nigerian man, who was recently accused by his wife of several heinous acts, has come out to share his own side of the story.

It will be recalled that the wife accused her husband of abandoning her and their newborn in the hospital after childbirth.

In a series of posts shared on Twitter, the wife also alleged that her husband used the money she sent him to pay for her Cesarean section (CS) to buy a new phone and a dog. ICYMI,

Well, the man has now taken to Facebook to narrate what transpired between them and debunk her claims of squandering her medical fees.

Man accused

He stated that his wife only sent him N100k from the money she received from a good Samaritan, which he used for tests, blood, and drugs.

He also claimed that his wife’s behavior towards him changed after receiving the monetary gift, and she started shouting at him unnecessarily.

Read his full post below,

“It’s disheartening to see a woman I ran up and down for coming to say unpalatable things about me.
Before the 29th of April where my daughter was birthed, I admitted my wife in Alimosho General hospital, Igando and I was with her for 4 good days. She personally told me we should go home since her labour isn’t coming forth..this was against doctor’s advice.
Since she was the one sayng she’s fine, I couldn’t argue with her , I then proceeded to the process to discharging her and it was a good convince since she was even walking with me to the finance office near the gate for clearance.
We came home that Saturday morning, she was fine and I have to go to work to get something for the house… For days, I absent myself from work to be with my wife in the hospital because there’s no one else me.
Coming back that Saturday, she started displaying some usual signs, so, here, I was so confused that my neighbors (Anita and Chioma) assisted in massaging her back . Not too long I called a nurse who happens to be my neighbor, she came checked her and said her BP is fine.
Being so worried, I ran to an old herbal specialist and complain the situation of my wife to her . This i did just to try other ways since she’s due and labour isn’t coming.
The nurse tried to check if its labour but she said she can’t lay straight so she could not access her. At this point everyone was confused.
At about 12:34Am when I was doing a midnight prayer just to be sure it’s not an evil arrow, I was called upon by these my two neighbors that I should come..
Coming out was my wife saying we should take her to the hospital, which I never hesitated..I ran to one of my neighbor’s who helped us with his car, and looking at the way she was , we all thought the baby must be close by, so we took her to the estate hospital just after our close where they couldn’t do much but ask us to take her to her hospital.
Reaching igando general hospital, I have to go reactivate her card, blood samples were ran, drugs was bought at my expenses because she’s my wife and it’s my responsibility to do so.
I slept there till Monday morning where I have to resume work from there.
I and my wife were very fine, I was the one holding her phones, going up and down. But since the very minutes obol jesam Michael came to our rescue, my wife started displaying caprices that she can shout at me to the extent hte nurses and some patient have to beg me to ignor her. If you know my wife closely, you should know the kind of person she is.

Man accused

Before I left my wife at the hospital to work, she made a post soliciting for funds and some of my family frown at that, but my response was simply, if it’s through that, my wife and baby will be fine so be it.
Not long obol Jesam Michael called me and it was I missed call that I returned to appreciate his kind gesture.
In the phone he told me if it’s Cs that is required for her I should do it to safe my baby and wife , and I said no problems Ete .
I left to office to obtain a partial leave so I can concentrate on my wife.. reaching office I have to sign some forms move from one office to another before my leave was unceremoniously approved .
I ran back to the hospital that same hour without waiting.. reaching there, my wife started shouting that I have eaten the 100k she sent , that since morning I left the hospital am just coming.
I ignore her because the pressure from work and the hospital stuff got my head and mind full.
I reached out to the doctors to ascertain what’s next and I was told my wife will undergo a CS and I said oya na..
I signed the form and for minutes they are yet to take her to the theater..
It’s at this point I created awareness and she was examine for the last time…
Looking at her legs was a painted nailed and she can’t enter the theater with that . I ran out side despite the people she later entrusted everything can’t meet up..I was the one cleaning off those paint.

My wife sent only 100k to me which I used for blood, test, and drugs..
People who know me knows that I have not changed my phone.its still that last year phone and why will I even think of wasting when my wife and kid is at risk..
My wife I love so much. A woman I went against lots of advice to marry. Why will I abandon my first blood???
Even if my wife is suspecting anything, she should have waited for this storm to pass..
She should have , for our innocent beautiful daughter, she should have calm down and remember that she’s our first fruits.
I think my wife have a rationale for her decision and please, it is from this social media space I get to know that people have donated million for her…
I don’t know and I don’t care to know…
I was in the hospital on Monday, Tuesday and I even gave her money for food that Tuesday evening before leaving the hospital only to come online to see such an heartless and unconscious blackmail from a woman I call my kedei kemi..
I appreciate every single soul for every dime sent…. . I can never be ungrateful. I say thank you . God bless you really good .
This is not the time especially at this critical stage of my wife’s health and daughter please .
Even if she want to be pitied for more donations, I don’t deserve blackmail to further her cause,dear wife.
At least, for our innocent baby.

Moving forward, I was with them at the hospital on Monday, where I bought two of my baby food, and ice cream for my wife, leaving the Mall, I thought it’s not ice cream she needs but pepper soup, I have to go home to drop the ice cream and got a meat pepper soup for her….she didn’t tell the world that ..?
Getting to the hospital, I got two big ever water and food for her mom…stayed with the and left after 9pm…this was from work I came.”

See his post below,



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