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Iyabo Ojo’s best friend, Abiola Tosin reveals what happened to Iyabo ojo before she got her new mansion


Iyabo Ojo’s friend, Abiola Tosin (Tocyn Omo’bri’sh), has spoken about the new mansion that the actress just got in Lekki.
She said that Iyabo had to weather all kinds of mockery before she finally got her home. Abiola said that there were times people would ask why she does have her house yet.
The friend said in those times, she often said her children are her house as she carried her head high despite the humiliation she suffered.
According to the friend, Iyabo often said that “when the time is right, mercy will have no choice to locate you” as a way to keep her positive spirit up.
Omo Brit, who revealed the mockery Iyabo Ojo experienced before she became a house-owner, wrote, “Yipeeeeeee….. While I am still waiting for a clearer picture, I cannot seem to hold myself…. this is not only huge to me, it is a dream come true. You referred to your children as your house when @gloayoade asked why you haven’t gotten a house. You refused to be mocked when people jokingly say you don’t have YOUR OWN HOUSE…. you adopted a quote “when the time is right, mercy will have no choice to locate you”…. Aduke, I am over the moon…. this is huuuuuuuuge….. @iyaboojofespris welcome to the world of a 5 bedroom duplex home owner in the heart of Lekki…. it ain’t bad at 42…. you did it in a biiiiig way @iyaboojofespris….
Abiola added that she is very glad for her achievement, saying she had a big break at the age of 42.
Meanwhile, we earlier reported that Ojo revealed her intentions to have one more child. The beautiful actress is the mother of two children, Priscilla Ajoke and Festus Oladunjoye Ojo.
The entertainer took to her official Instagram page to make her intentions known. She posted a photo of her children on the photo-sharing app, noting that she makes the cutest babies.
According to her, she needs to make one more baby for the road. She asked her fans and followers what they thought about it.
As expected, the actress’ fans and followers have responded to her question. Some agreed that having one more child was not a bad idea.
Read some comments below:
jasmine.john__: “We the social media aunties are ready. We give you our blessings”
leeyah_____: “They need a younger one”
deyemitheactor: “Infact, you need to produce one or two more!”
alhajaolamide6707: “I support that boss-lady” banny_ex: “Ahhh. 3 represent perfection, let it come”
jesvidel: “Oya now…that one go be Bolanle” queenelizabeth1766: “Carry go mama”
She also shared adorable photos with her grown-up son. The actress who is fond of her children wastes no time in flaunting them and letting the world know that she is their mother.
In the photos she posted online, the actress was wearing a white shirt dress paired with biker shorts while her son rocked a white round neck with black trousers.


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