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‘Instead Of Bringing A Husband To Your Father, You Bought A Car For Him’- Man Drags Linda Ikeji


An online troll has publicly berated millionaire blogger and entrepreneur, Linda Ikeji after she bought a luxurious car worth about N55 million for her father while she is still single.

The man known as Austine Ejeke on Facebook said instead of her to bring a husband home to her father, she rather bought a 2020 G-Wagon car for him.

He wrote;

“You Are Not Married and You Don’t Have A Husband and Your Own Personal D**k, Yet You Went and Bought 2022 G-Wagon Car Worth N55 Million For Your FATHER!

Who Does That In This Our Nigeria! If I Were Him I Will Not Accept The Car!

Instead Of Bringing A Husband To Your Father and Give Him Genuine Grand Son You Are Buying Multi- Million Car For Him..Did He Tell You Expensive Car Is His Problem! LINDA IKEJI WHY????????????????”

Source: www.hartofjoyce.com


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