“I will give my mama, make she buy garri for house” – Three Nigerian kids who picked wads of N50 notes at party reveal how they will spend it (Video)


    A video surfacing online has captured moment three Nigerian kids who packed some wads of notes at an open party.

    A generous man, Ogori Harrison, shared the video on his TikTok handle as he revealed meeting the three boys with lots of N50 notes with each one of them.

    He took his time and asked each of them what they planned to do with the money they had received.

    The first child whose N50 notes summed up to N2,500 stated that he would spend his money on school supplies.


    Another boy who was able to pick up N2,700 said he would give the money to his mother so she could acquire some garri in the house if there was none.

    The third child likewise stated that his entire money will be given to his mother.


    After watching the video, many Nigerians became sad and prayed for God’s help for the children’s family.

    Watch the video below:


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