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I’m a questionnaire! I mean I ask questions a lot. I like to know why something happens so I asked hubby while on campus why he loves me “I don’t know…” Was his honest reply. And really, he just loved me for nothing!
This guy was all over me (I didn’t say he was on top of me having sex or romancing). I mean, he ran after me, took care of me and treated me like the greatest treasure in the whole world without asking for anything in return! Talk of crazy love! He gave me his all, all of him (minus his body) and would do anything to ensure I excelled in my studies.
I loved this guy too! I remember going to class and saw him shivering on the desk where he lay after studying throughout the night (it was cold). I took my spare wrapper (which I used for covering myself when it is cold) and covered him while he was sound asleep! I just loved the perfect gentleman!
He loved me so much he wouldn’t hug me till we graduated (that is, helping me stay chaste).
In marriage, he still loves me for no reason. I still love him. It’s been 15 great years of knowing this awesome young man!
All this CONDITIONAL LOVE some singles do up and down, I don’t understand!
The guy will be threatening to dump a lady because she doesn’t know how to pound yam and she will be crying!
The lady will treat the guy like a piece of shit and he will still be begging for her love and attention!
What is wrong with you?
True love is UNCONDITIONAL! If it is because of 56 size breasts and chair destroying buttocks, you want to marry her, you are deceiving yourself!
After few years of marriage, you get tired of seeing the septic tank behind and huge mammalian glands infront now you want something real, you want peace, you want joy, you want character. These are what keep marriage together for a long time!
Some guys won’t marry a lady who is short. Some won’t marry someone tall! Some ladies won’t marry a guy who does not have a car and live in 3 bedroom flat at least!
You are deceiving yourself silly!
I’m not saying physically attraction does not matter! It does. My husband is tall, slim and chocolate. I love to look at him everyday but that is not the primary reason I married him.
I am rounder and sexually appealing to him IN MARRIAGE but Is that is not the primary reason he married me.
Physical things are temporal.
Spiritual things are eternal.
Watch out for God’s approval on the relationship.
Watch out for peace of mind, joy and lasting character.
My husband is the most honest, truthful and sincere human being I have ever met in my life (aside my late mum) and he still is. I could never cope with a liar no matter how generous he is. I could never cope with a cheat no matter how long he lasts in bed or how romantic he sounds.
Godly men/women exists.
Don’t allow your greed and lust blind you to them.
Go for God’s will. Go for character. Go for peace of mind. Go for joy. Marry someone whose weaknesses you can handle. No one is perfect.
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May you not mischoose!
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