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How to make your marraige work


How to make your marraige work

People often dream of the wonderful life they’ll have once they’re married. Unfortunately, many of these dreams are short-lived. The reality of married life usually “hits home” within 24 hours after the wedding! And then you start wondering: What did I get into? When you decide to get married, know there are many things about married life you don’t yet understand.

Marriage isn’t for comfort. There’s a high price that you pay to create and maintain a happy marriage. You’ve got to be willing to pay that price. Being married is like having a second job. If you’re ready and willing to “roll up your sleeves” and work on your relationship, you’ve got a good chance to successfully. Most people seek a pleasurable life. Not all of life’s pleasures are equal. Some of these pleasures have more meaning for you than others.

So when you start having a “bumpy ride” in your relationship, don’t be surprised. Expect it. Relationships are never easy -– even in the best marriages. There will always be things to work out, sacrifices to be made, and changes that we each must undertake to accommodate our spouse. There would also be times when you just feel you can’t deal with your spouse anymore.

Women experiences some body transformation after birth and tend to loss shape after child bearing, be supportive and help her fall back in shape. Spouses should learn to be by each other always no matter the trials and present conditions.

No problem has ever been solved by arguing. Silence is a strong weapon and it can save your marriage. If one partner is provoked or complains, silence is the best answer. Conversely, you can say, “We will discuss it in the evening”

Love is the foundation to a long lasting marriage. Physical love is good, but there has to be genuine spiritual love also in your heart. Your immediate neighbor is your own spouse. So let charity begin at home and set an example by loving your spouse first and foremost.


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