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How to know someone you can trust with your heart


How to know someone you can trust with your heart

Falling in love can be pretty awesome.do. It makes people open themselves and also makes people vulnerable. Love really does seem like a mental disorder. Love makes us want to give ourselves over to another. We let down our guards and allow those we love to see the real us. The very same can be said for giving into love too late.

Sometimes things align just right and they work out wonderfully for people in love and other times love leaves people with a broken heart. The real task is knowing true love when you see it. You may not be able to help falling for someone, once you say those three words, your relationship goes to the next level; it will never be able to level back down again. Once you love someone, you’re supposed to love that person forever.

Before giving someone your heart and taking the relationship to the next level, make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into by observing the following.

I can’t fathom falling for someone who has zero regards or respect for you and your feelings. If he or she has been treating you poorly then don’t expect that to ever change. If this person doesn’t respect you then he or she isn’t the type of person you should be with and definitely isn’t the one you should be giving you heart to. Your partner should be your partner, not your owner.

If you can’t trust him or her with your secrets then he or she isn’t a very good partner. You need to trust the person you have feelings for before you allow yourself to accept that you love him or her. You have to be able to trust this person – trust him or her as a friend, lover and as a partner. If you can rely on and count on him or her to catch you when you fall, then and only then, should you be willing to make yourself that vulnerable.

Being inconvenienced is nothing more than being uncomfortable. If this person isn’t willing to be uncomfortable for you then he or she won’t be willing to do a whole lot for you throughout your relationship. People have very neat comfort zones – leaving them is often pretty easy, but uncomfortable. This person should be willing to sacrifice his or her comfort for yours.


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