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How to compliment your lady


How to compliment your lady

Have you ever as a man thought within you what women really want in a relationship? I know you might say, “They need money, clothes, shoes, pieces of jewellery and all that”. You are quite right to think and say that way but there is more to just buying her all those things.

Showering a woman with all the physical needs is not really the intents of her heart. A woman wants a man who can always bless her with kind emotional words.

Complimenting your woman on what she has done shows how appreciative you are. Compliments are good in ensuring a tight relationship and strong emotional love between the two lovers.

Girls love it when they are complemented and their hearts tend to melt whenever their men speak from their heart.

The problem in most relationship nowadays is that most men see compliment as referring to the physical aspects of the woman. Though compliments could also go in that direction it’s also important to compliment a woman based on her character.

Most women don’t find it serious when men compliment their physical appearance, they see it as flattery. You can compliment her inner attributes and characters.

Compliments though might look less important in the sight of men, but in the sight of women, it’s very important. So, men should fall in line.



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