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Eve Esin under fire for licking the face of an actor who just got married (photos)


Actress, Eve Esin, recently shared some set photos with newlywed and fellow actor, Stanley Igboanugo

When it comes to the movie industry, not many people enjoy the display of affection done in the name of acting especially by married people. This is often rumoured to be one of the many reasons celebrity marriages crash.

In the first photo, she is seen licking his chin, a few inches from his lips and in the second photo, she gives him a peck.

She shared the photo with the caption:

“Set benefits sha‍♀️ to think this my bro man just got married a week plus ago‍♀️‍♀️ @stanleyigboanugo7 enjoy while it last”

This however, did not sit well with many social media users who blasted her for sharing such photos knowing fully well the actor only got married a few weeks ago.

See some reactions below:

Source: www.hartofjoyce.com


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