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Dorathy Shares Cute Photos Of Her Elder Sister, As They Both Celebrate The International Women’s Day


Today is a great day that all the women in the world are celebrated greatly and that’s why it’s called the international women’s day because it’s global, Dorothy has also celebrated it in style.

The young lady while trying to celebrate her women’s day shared a very adorable picture of she and her beautiful elder sister Cynthia Bachor, as they both celebrate together.

Sharing the post she wrote;

Find out who you want to be and be that person, Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. We’re proud to be women, Sisters and queens.

Happy international Women’s Day 💚💚

Dorothy and he sister Cynthia Bachor, actually look very much alike and you will not even need anyone to tell you that they sisters, as we all know thar Dorothy’s sister have really stood by her sister especially when she was still in the house, and even after she came back she’s been there so it’s very commendable the way Dorothy have decided to celebrate her, because she deserves it for being a good person and a wonderful sister, so happy international women’s day to the two queens.

Source: www.hartofjoyce.com


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