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Check Out Natural Remedy For Malaria That Works Like Magic


Malaria over the years have claimed lot of lives, it is caused by a parasite called plasmodium and this is transmitted by female anopheles mosquito also know as Mosquito Vector . Malaria is indeed life threatening if not prevented or cured. This female anopheles mosquitoes are present every where, especially in dirty environments as the mosquito lays egg in water and this turns to larva and it becomes adult mosquito afterwards.

The interesting part about Malaria is that, it is curable and preventable. As this can be prevented by keeping your environment neat, make sure that there is no water log around your environment. Use of mosquito repellent and insecticides, used of mosquito net also helps in preventing it.

According to world health organization (WHO) , in year 2019 about 409,000 persons died of malaria. Children under 5 years of age are very much vulnerable to malaria. When malaria bites an individual, it takes about 10-15 days for the symptoms to start manifesting, and if its not treated on time, this leads to a severe condition as this can cause dead of the individual.

This includes

1. Headache

2. Fast heart rate

3. Fever

4. Fatigue

5. Pains in the muscles

6. Nausea or Vomiting

7. Pale skin can also be seen in cases of malaria e. t.c

The use of herbal medicine in curing malaria cannot be overemphazied as this works like magic. God have blessed us with so much medicinal plants in curing our ailment.

The following ingredients can be boiled together to make as effective malaria herbal medicine.

1. Cashew leave

2. Guava leave

3. Pawpaw leave

4. Bitter leave

5.leem leave, popularly known as dongoyaro

6. Scent leave

Get all these leaves together, rinse thoroughly, add a pinch of salt so as to kill the germs on the leave and rinse again. Put all the leaves in your pot and add about 3 litres of water, allow it to boil for about 25 -30mins. Drink 1 glass cup morning and night. This works like magic!



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