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Cardi B gets a whole closet from Beyonce as a gift, excitedly shows it off to her fans (video)


Popular American rapper, Cardi B, on Tuesday, January 14, released a video where she was excited about the gift Beyonce, another famous US musician, sent her.

In the video, she happily screamed about how she was gifted a whole closet filled with Ivy Park wears.

Ivy Park is an activewear company that was co-founded by Beyonce with Topshop in 2006. It currently operates under Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd.

“I just got home and look what I found. Beyonce gave me a closet,” Cardi B said as she shared a video of the orange coloured mobile closet.

She opened the closet to find multiple pairs of footwear and clothes from Beyonce’s fashion label, Ivy Park.

Cardi said the gift made her feel “special”.

Below is a video of Cardi opening up her closet:



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