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It’s possible to meet the woman of your dreams. The problem is, she is a happily (or unhappily) married woman with (or without) kids. You know you shouldn’t be feeling the way you do but you seem helpless and powerless each time you see her or think about her, you are madly in love with her and most times dream of having her. Alright bro., I perfectly understand those feelings but you need to regain your sanity fast and put things in the right perspective before you do something silly or dangerous.
You are at the moment going through “insanity”. You can’t think straight. Your thinking is upside down and you need to gain sanity fast before you chase her, date her, sleep with her and end up going crazy!
Here are the things you need to remember when your hormones are burning hot for a married woman:
1. SHE IS A MARRIED WOMAN: She is someone else’s property. His signature is written all over her. He has paid her dowry so close your eyes and let her go -forget her!
2. HER HUSBAND IS JEALOUS: Which is normal. Some have abnormal jealousy that is murderous and full of rage. Countless stories abound of husbands killing their wives or her boyfriend. Time won’t permit me to recount stories of wives being maimed, battered, butchered, killed, burnt to death, roasted, cut to pieces, etc as result of adultery. Some laid “magun” on their wives. Any man who sleeps with her will find himself in his early grave.
Some took the law in their hands and shot the boyfriend dead. Some hired assassins to carry out the act and so on and so forth. If you do not want your premature death and the premature death of your “lover”, steer clear of the relationship now! No man takes adultery lightly, no man! When you have sex with his wife, you break his pride and he will show you he is a man!
3. IT ATTRACTS GENERATIONAL CURSES: Someone else will chase your wife, sleep with her and same will happen to your daughters and grand daughters.
4. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A GOOD MARRIAGE: No natter how virtuous your wife is, you will never trust her. You will always watch your back fearing some man somewhere is sleeping with her behind your back. You will be paranoid, neurotic, psychotic and manic depressive.
A friend narrated the hell she was going through with her husband who could sleep with anything in skirt. Despite the fact that she married as a virgin, he never trusted her. He believed men were chasing her and even beat her blue black for registering her last born in school. He believed she was sleeping with the proprietor. She must not greet any man on the street but he could sleep with anyone he likes including married women.
5. YOU WILL NOT PROSPER: I’m yet to see men who sleep around prosper in the true sense of the word.
6. YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY IN HELL: God frowns at adultery. The Bible says, “…fornicators and adulterers God will judge….” adultery is a terrible thing.
So brother, before you go chasing that woman, think about all these. They are real and they happen to real people. Be careful what you sow, for whatever you sow you shall reap. Be careful and stay far away from that woman.
God bless you. Cheers!
Source: www.hartofjoyce.com


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