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A man who is a considerate cheat, is manageable – Comedienne Princess (video)


Nigerian comedienne Princess has gotten people talking on social media after her views on men who cheat on their partners.

The entertainer was recently a guest on TVC’s breakfast show tagged Your View, following the viral video of an angry woman who attacked her husband’s side chick at a mall in Lagos.

Princess had a lot to share with the hosts of the programme as it concerns issues that are common in marriages especially when infidelity sets in.

The entertainer while discussing with the show’s lead host Morayo Brown, noted that there are times that men in marriages do not only cheat with the opposite gender.

Princess gave a vivid narration of a woman that found out that her husband was having a romantic affair with his male best friend.

Driving her point home about infidelity, Princess noted that cheating comes in different levels. She said she is not an advocate of partners being unfaithful to one another. However, in her opinion, a man who cheats considerably is still manageable.

“Cheating is level by level. I am not supporting a cheat, but a man who is a considerate cheat is manageable,” she said.

Watch the clip below:



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