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9 Things He Secretly Wants His Girlfriend to Say at Least Once


Women are not the only ones who want their partners to say something romantic, just like in the movies. We asked our male Sugoren readers what kind of things they dream of hearing from their romantic partners. We discovered some killer phrases that women can use.

1. “Thanks to you, I am the happiest I’ve ever been!”

“It makes me happy to think I’m making her happy.” This phrase fulfills the male instinct to make his girl happy. By adding that he’s the best you’ve ever had, you’ll make him feel ecstatic knowing that he’s beat all your past boyfriends!

2. “I don’t know what to do. It scares me how much I like you.”

“I just want to hug her when she sincerely tells me she loves me.” Being vocal about your overflowing emotions can make him happy. If you are too shy to say it out loud, you can tell him how you feel in a handwritten letter.

3. “I want to have your baby one day.”

“When we saw a baby on the street, she said, ‘Your baby would be so cute.’” Some men feel true love when you say something that shows you are hoping for a future together. However, if your attitude is too sincere, he might think you’re being too serious or moving too fast. Make sure to say it cheerfully with a smile.

4. “You always work hard, and I’ll always be there for you.”

“When I know she supports me, I feel like I should do my best for her.” Some men stated that having their girlfriends as moral support cheers them up. Your guy might work even harder if you give him a compliment when he achieves results at work, like “Wow, that was so worth all your effort.”

5. “I know you better than anyone else!”

“I was moved when she told me, ‘I know you really well.’” Telling your boyfriend you understand him can help deepen your relationship bond. If he is worried about something, tell him that you know how amazing he is. That way, you can help him regain his confidence.

6. “You have such a handsome face.”

“I get excited when she tells me I’m handsome.” You can put him in a good mood by straightforwardly complimenting his appearance. When he wears the style of clothes you like, flatter him by telling him he looks good. When you do this, he might start dressing up more and more to your taste.

7. “I’m so glad that I met you”

“My heart skipped a beat when she told me, ‘I’m happy we met!’” You can express your deep love by appreciating his existence. You could give him a message that says, “Thank you for being born” on his birthday.

8. “I love that you are not just handsome but you also have an attractive personality!”

“When she tells me why she likes me, it builds my confidence.” He will be happy when you tell him about his strengths. If you are pointing out something in an area where he lacks confidence, he will receive your comment more genuinely if you begin by saying, “In my opinion…”

9. “I hope we can always be together.”

“It makes me happy when she tells me, ‘Let’s always be together.’” Phrases that express your hope for a happily-ever-after ending can also excite him. If you add something like, “There may be times when we fight, but I hope we’ll always make up,” you can communicate your hope that you will never break up in a more real way.



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