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9 Reasons Why Men Say that They Don’t Want to Get Married


A lot of couples expect to hear wedding bells during their relationship, but there are some guys out there who say that they just aren’t willing to tie the knot. What do they really mean by this?

1. The very idea of married life turns them off.

Some guys are skeptical about marriage. Especially if they have experienced divorce in their own family or close friends. Seeing couples in happy marriages may help change his mind.

2. Their girlfriend is a really outgoing type, and they can’t imagine settling down with her.

Some men stay in relationships even though they have no plans to marry their partner. Maybe you can change his mind by learning how to cook, or showing off your domestic side.

3. They feel like they’re still in the prime of their youth, and aren’t ready for marriage just yet.

Some men think the timing isn’t right. If you’re not ready to “wait as long as it takes,” you might want to find another guy.

4. They actually do want to get married, but they don’t want to be pressured into it by their partner.

Some guys are worried about getting rushed into marriage. They probably don’t want to be controlled.

5. They feel like they lack the income or/and savings to support a family.

Some guys are insecure about their financial status. If you have the confidence to “take charge of the finances,” maybe you should let your man know.

6. They actually do want to get married, but don’t know if their girlfriend feels the same way.

Some guys test their partner’s commitment by telling them he doesn’t want to get married. If you get discouraged and give up, he’ll be convinced that you don’t want to get married either. If you do want to marry him, let him know!

7. They’ve been divorced before, and don’t want to rush headfirst into a second marriage.

Some guys have higher standards due to their past mistakes, like a previous marriage that ended in divorce.

8. They’re trying to end the relationship, and hope that this will raise a red flag.

Some guys avoid breaking up with their girlfriend, and simply hope she will leave them when she realizes they have no intention of marrying her.

9. They don’t think that their girlfriend is considering marriage, so in their minds, they’re just going along with her.

Some guys assume that their partner doesn’t want to get married, and go along with it.



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