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9 Other Things That Are More Important Than Love In A Relationship

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We all know that love is the basis for any relationship to thrive but there are other certain things every relationship needs to stand the test of time.

In relationships, love isn’t just enough to keep a couple together and make them happy but when love is combined with other qualities then it’s one of the most awesome things ever.

Crystal Crowder of All Women Stalk lists 9 other things every relationship needs besides love:

  1. Trust: To me, trust is one of the most important things every good #relationship needs. Without trust, you spend all your #time worrying about what your partner says or does. If you’re the one lying, you wonder if they are too. Trust makes you feel comfortable sharing your secret hopes and dreams. It gives you the freedom to share your heart with another. Without it, you basically have an untrustworthy friend.

  2. Compassion: No #relationship is 100% happy 24/7. Both of you will have bad days. You’ll say #things you regret. This is where compassion comes in. When bad days or things happen, you need to be compassionate and do what you can to understand and help your #partner. Obviously, this works both ways. Compassion helps show each of you that the other cares.

  3. Compromise: When you combine two lives together, you can’t expect to continue living your life the exact same way you used to. Each of you have your own habits, hobbies and quirks. It takes compromise on both sides to live happily together. If you’re not willing to make compromises, the #relationship will simply dissolve into an endless argument. I’m not saying you have to give up #everything, but compromise is necessary.

  4. Communication: Many couples fail simply because they don’t communicate. They talk about the little #things like their day or what’s for dinner. They push aside anything that might seem uncomfortable or might lead to a fight. Communication is crucial. Make #time to talk about what’s bothering you. Even if it causes an argument, at least you’ll get it out in the open and be able to fix it. Don’t hold #everything in. Talk.

  5. Selflessness: While you shouldn’t ever stay in a relationship where it’s all take and no give, you should be willing to be selfless. Don’t do something for your partner just so you get something in return. Truly happy relationships succeed because both #people are selfless. They give to their #partner just to see them smile. It’s such a simple thing and when it goes both ways, it creates a balanced #relationship.

  6. Acceptance: I hate to break it to you, but no one is perfect. Both you and your #partner have flaws. You will annoy each other. That’s part of being in love. However, you have to accept that neither one of you is perfect. Acceptance allows you to #look past simple little flaws and focus on what’s most important – the fact that the two of you are perfect for each other.

  7. Loyalty: This one should be obvious. If you’re not loyal in a relationship, you don’t really have a #relationship. Loyalty means supporting your partner and standing by their side. It also means not cheating. You shouldn’t be ashamed to stand by your #partner. When you’re both loyal, you always know you have the support you need, no matter what happens.

  8. Forgiveness: Both of you are human and will make mistakes. While there are some things you might not be able to forgive, the majority of mistakes are forgivable if you’re willing to talk #things out and make changes. Before immediately placing blame and giving up on a relationship, take the #time to talk and forgive each other. Relationships are rocky sometimes, but forgiveness helps you navigate the rockiest roads.

  9. Observation: You can’t fix problems or be there for your #partner if you aren’t paying attention to the relationship. Take the #time to observe each other and learn the signs that signal their emotions. Pay close attention to your #relationship so you can work on it before it’s too late. Of course, if you both love each other, you’re probably already extremely attentive.



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