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8 Things That Can Make Your Boyfriend Jealous


Has your boyfriend ever gotten in a bad mood because of something you thought was harmless? Without meaning to, you may have made him jealous. These eight things can make the green-eyed monster rear its head.

1. Men hitting on you

Some guys get jealous if you tell them about men catcalling you in the street. While they may be happy to feel like they’re dating a desirable girl, they can also get jealous over those strange men. If you focus on the fact that you turned them down or that the men in question were nothing much to look at, he may calm down and listen to your story.

2. Male acquaintances inviting you out for a meal

Even if you refuse a dinner invitation from a male acquaintance, many guys will be less than pleased to hear that you were approached by another man. Even if you turned down the invitation, it might be best to keep the whole incident from your boyfriend and spare him the agitation.

3. Your plans to go out with a mixed gender group

Some boyfriends get jealous when they hear that you plan to go out with a group that includes women and men. To soothe his jealousy and get him to hear you out, try giving him information that will assure him those guys won’t hit on you. For example, explain that the guys in the group are dating your girlfriends.

4. Long-time, close male friends

Hearing you talk about close male friends you’ve known forever will make some boyfriends jealous. Particularly if you’ve known your friend longer than you have your boyfriend, he may worry that your friend knows you better than he does. Why not introduce your old friend to your boyfriend to show him that your old friend is not someone you could view romantically.

5. The virtues of your male boss

Talking passionately about how much you admire your boss can be a problem. If he thinks an “older man” is standing in his way, it may lead to feelings of inadequacy and jealousy. It might be best to avoid singing your boss’s praises in front of your boyfriend.


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