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6 Things A Woman Should Not Tolerate From A Man


1. Unfaithfulness: If a man wants to sleep around then he shouldn’t commit to a woman or marry her. Commitment or marriage demands that he be responsible and man enough to be loyal.

2. Sexist remarks: Some men look at the woman as inferior, they make sexist jokes and belittle the woman. Such words should never come from a man who claims to love you.

3. Physical abuse: No man should raise his hand to hit a woman. Domestic violence is a no no. Even if the two of you quarrel, hitting her is not an option.

4. Economic sabotage: Some men deliberately want to dominate their women/wives; they choke her economically so that she can depend on only him thus making her powerless. A good man rejoices when he sees his woman growing.

5. Slavery: She cooks, she cleans, she shops, she manages the home not out of duty but love. The man should never treat her like she is a hired maid, he should appreciate her for all she does at home and outside the house just like she appreciates him for all he does.

6. Rape: There are men out there who rape their women/wives, he forces her to have sex. Raping a woman is unacceptable whether she is your wife, your woman, a friend, or a stranger.



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