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5 Wrong Reasons Ladies Rush Into Marriage


A lot of marriages, today, are crashing because people getting married have neglected or did not take into consideration the rights reasons to get married to their partners. There is an increasingly alarming rate of failed marriages. Below are some of the wrong reasons ladies rush to married.

1. Great Sexual Chemistry: There is this wrong assumption that being married to someone means endless bouts of sexual activities with them, although it could be part of the benefits of marriage, but it’s not all there is. Many people get married today because they enjoy having sex with each other and they don’t want it to stop, so they get married.

2. Unwanted/Unplanned Pregnancy: In many parts of Africa, once a girl gets pregnant for a boy, people just assume that the boy is the husband of the girl. Both families involved meet with each other to discuss the way forward for their wards, either amicably or with conflicts. The end result is that the girl is automatically married the boy.

3. Assets: Assets could either be money or properties. Money is an important factor in getting married but that doesn’t mean that it should be the deciding factor to get married. Getting married for money is a wrong reason to get married as the money could finish anytime and properties could be sold too.

4. Physical Abilities: To have an industrious and hardworking husband or wife is an added advantage in marriage. However, decisions to get married should not be based on the physical abilities. A man that has physical strength may or may not be a good husband, depending on a whole of lot considerable factors.

5. Parents’ Wish: Some people get married to each other because their parents or guardians arranged it, or wanted it or it would be of great beneficial interest to them.



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