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5 Ways You Might Get Dumped if You Always Try to Please Your Boyfriend


It’s totally natural to want to be nice to the guy you love and give in when he asks for something a bit selfish. But if you’re constantly giving in, in some cases that can derail the relationship. This time, we’ll be sharing the 5 ways you might get dumped if you do everything your boyfriend asks you to do—based on interviews of men.

1. If you’re always trying to please your guy, it makes him feel like you don’t think you can be honest and tell him how you really feel.

“If a girl responds to everything I say with ‘That’s amazing,’ it starts to sound like a lie,” said one guy. If you just listen to him and are forever complimenting him, that flattery can become obnoxious to your boyfriend. It’s important to show him how you really feel at times and share your thoughts, even if your opinions on a subject clash.

2. If your boyfriend has to make the decisions all the time, that tires him out.

“I got really tired of having to choose where to go and what to eat on dates all the time,” said one guy. It seems like leaving all the decisions up to your boyfriend is a bad idea. Sharing ideas and opinions is different to being selfish and just doing what you want. It might be a good idea to take the lead and just have your boyfriend follow from time to time as well.

3. Being like this makes your boyfriend think you’re hiding something you’re unhappy about, or getting stressed out.

“She’s really holding herself back, you know?” said one guy. This shows that many guys feel that when girls are acting like this it’s a sign they’re pushing themselves too hard. Telling him exactly what’s bothering you rather than trying to be nice to your boyfriend to the extent that you suppress all of your own feelings and emotions could, over time, deepen the sense of trust in your relationship.

4. If you don’t have your own ideas and opinions, this can make you seem less appealing to a guy.

“It makes me think she doesn’t really have anything going on,” said one guy. If you’re always passive around your boyfriend, he may end up getting bored with you. Continually putting your own individuality out there by saying things like “I think that…” or “I like this” will help the two of you better understand each other.

5. If you’re always agreeing with your boyfriend like some kind of “yes-girl,” he may come across as controlling and not a good person.

“I feel like if I were with someone like that, I’d never grow,” said one guy. For guys who want their relationships to help them grow and develop as people, girls who are always on their side are missing something. Having some periods of conflict and some times when you walk side by side is an important part of dating.



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