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5 Ways to Annoy Him with Relationship Rules


When you start dating, you should set some rules for yourselves as a couple. That being said, if those rules are too strict, he might feel trapped and uncomfortable. So, what are the top “Relationship Rules” that will drive him crazy (in a bad way)?

1. Making him message and call you every day

If you force a guy to contact you, he’ll feel a ton of stress.

2. Making him reply to your messages right away

If you expect him to drop what he’s doing to reply instantly every time you message him, he’s going to get fed up.

3. Celebrating monthly anniversaries

If these types of celebrations are too frequent, he’ll get burned out.

4. Making him surprise you for birthdays and other special dates

If you make surprises a rule, he’ll feel like he’s meeting some quota, rather than making you happy with a surprise.

5. Making him call you pet names, even in front of others

Most guys don’t want others to see him babying you. That kind of public display of affection will wear him out.



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