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5 Types Of Woman Every Man Wants To Marry


All women are beautiful and appealing to men; however, not all of these women are qualified enough to be married. Being submissive to your man is one of the greatest factors of a lasting union. Below are 5 types of women every men want to marry:

1. Submitted to God: If a woman is submitted to and passionate about living for God, she will be the same to you, assuming you’re a man submitted to God. There is something special about a woman who truly serves God.

2. A Selfless Woman: A selfless woman will understand the importance of working together, sharing, devotion, and commitment for the right reasons. Her motives will be to help make life a little better for you. She will understand that dying to self doesn’t mean she does not love herself.

3. A Woman Who Can Truly Be Your Best Friend: Friendship before love is always best before a serious relationship.

4. Emotionally Stable: This type of woman understands God gave her emotions and instincts to give man balance. She understands emotions are never used as a decision making tool, because emotions can lead you outside of the will of God.

5. A Woman with Character: This should go without saying, but I will add this (and this type should really be the first thing you consider for any woman). She must be of a woman of good character. Without character, it will be difficult to even build a strong friendship.



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