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5 Types of “Off-Limits Guys” You Know You Can’t Fall For, But Still Find Attractive


There’s something romantic about “forbidden love.” A woman can get turned on by obstacles, like when people disapprove of her relationship or when she is in love with someone out of her league. This time, based on our survey of women, we introduce “9 types of ‘off-limits guys’ you know you can’t fall for, but still find attractive.”

1. A popular guy who is definitely a lady’s man

“I get nervous that I might fall for him.” Many women feel unsettled but are nonetheless fascinated by popular guys who attract a lot of female attention. You should approach him as a friend first, and determine if he would make a faithful boyfriend.

2. A guy who is almost 10 years older than you, and intrigues you because he comes from a different generation

“I must appear like a child in his eyes.” Some women are attracted to guys who are significantly older than them. He might not consider you a romantic interest because of the generational gap, but you might be able to make it work if you can show him you are mature.

3. A school teacher who makes you feel possessive when he’s teaching

“I wanted him all for myself.” Women’s fascination with the forbidden combination of a teacher and a student is expressed by the desire to be the “teacher’s pet.” If you want to be considerate, you should wait until after graduation so you can approach him confidently.

4. A celebrity or a TV personality, who you always see on TV

“Obviously, I haven’t even met him.” Some women have a strong admiration for a celebrity and start to fall in love with him. It’s impossible to have a romantic relationship with someone you can’t even met in real life. Enjoy being his fan and look elsewhere to find real love.

5. A client, who you can’t approach because of your professional circumstances

“I want to get to know him in private, but I wouldn’t want it to affect my work.” Some women fall in love with guys they meet at work, which can be frustrating. You could start by making small talk with him, like adding a short personal note to business emails, but don’t let a relationship undermine your professional reputation.


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