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5 Things Women Do During a Date That Guys Find Exhausting


There are certain kinds of attitude you should avoid when you’re out on a date. Romance cannot develop when your date feels exhausted by the way you interact with him. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should avoid doing if you want your date to have a good time with you. This time, we introduce five things women do during dates that guys find exhausting.

1. She doesn’t say much and doesn’t react to what he says.

Your date will be bothered and concerned if you don’t make an effort to have a conversation with him. “Honestly, it’s exhausting to have to come up with things to talk about on my own,” emphasized a guy in his 20s. A teen also commented, “I get worried that she’s not enjoying her time with me.”

2. She doesn’t give him a chance to speak because she’s too busy talking.

Guys lose the motivation to communicate if you only talk about yourself. A guy in his 20s said, “I can’t tell her what I think if she doesn’t give me a chance to speak.” Another guy in his 30s echoed this view and said, “It shows that she’s inconsiderate.” You need to make an effort so that the conversation is balanced—make sure to ask him questions.

3. She mostly talks about serious things, such as things she’s worried about.

It’s hard for your date to enjoy his time with you if you’re really negative. However, some guys are happy when you come to them for advice. A teen mentioned, “It shows that she trusts me, and that she’s opening up to me, so it makes me happy.” While you might want to avoid talking about your problems all the time, it’s not a bad idea to ask your date for advice on something once in a while.

4. She only talks about things he doesn’t know about.

“I don’t know what to say to her and it gets boring,” explained a guy in his 20s. It’s fun to talk about your area of expertise, but your date will lose interest if that’s the only thing you bring up.

5. No matter what he offers up for date ideas, she only says, “Whatever.”

“It’s tiring to have to plan everything by myself every time we go on a date,” commented a teen. It’s a lot of pressure for guys to plan the date every time. You don’t have to suggest a detailed plan, but you should at least let your date know what you’re in the mood for, like eating Chinese food, etc.

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