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5 Texts Men Wish Women Should Stop Sending And 5 They Want Instead


Think back to all of the best and most amazing moments that you have shared with bae. It’s likely that the memories you will come up with are made up of the two of you being in each other’s presence. It’s very rare that the most amazing moments of your relationship are when the two of you are apart from one another. However, that doesn’t mean that just because the two of you can’t be in the same physical space, you shouldn’t be making an effort with him anymore.

In fact, it’s the total opposite.

When the two of you are apart, you still have an opportunity to be all kind and sweet towards your man. It’s all just a matter of you showing a certain willingness and a vulnerability whenever you text with him. Texting is something that a lot of women tend to overlook in a relationship. But it really is a very powerful tool in being able to bring the two of you closer together. You just might not know it yet.

Even though it can seem very impersonal just because you aren’t really talking to one another in person, you shouldn’t think of it that way. You are always going to want to communicate with your man using whatever platform you can get your hands on. Texting is a great platform for you to still be affectionate and intimate even though you might not be in the same room together.

However, not many women have necessarily mastered the art of texting. In fact, there are some women who are completely clueless about it – and you might even be one of them. There are just certain texts that you might be sending your man which he secretly hates. And there might be certain messages that he wishes he could be receiving from you instead. If you need a little more guidance and mentoring on that front, then this is the article for you. Highlighted in this piece will be the texts that you should stop texting your man, and the messages that you should be sending him instead.

1. Stop texting: “What’s up?”

This is such a nonchalant and casual text message. It might seem like you’re not really interested in getting to know him or what he’s really up to.

Instead, text him: “Wish I was with you now!”

Instead of just asking him what’s up, actually, let him know that you wish you were with him at this moment! Let him know that you miss him and that you hate the fact that the two of you just happen to be apart from one another right now.



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