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5 Sign You Are In A Relationship With A Stingy Guy


Money is an essential part of a relationship and if it is not handled well, the relationship can crash. Stingy people are known to be hard to let go of a dime off their pockets, they do everything possible to have every dime they earn spent on just themselves. It is hard for them to commit to a relationship money-wise. Below are some of the noticeable traits they possess.

1. They avoid taking any responsibilities that have to do with money. They prefer to have dates at home instead of going to the cinemas or hangout places with their partners.

2. They always murmur. When their partners ask for financial help, it takes a long time of grumbling or murmurs before they eventually give or they just decline to give making up flimsy excuses.


3. Stingy people never give financial help to colleagues, siblings and their partners, they insist they need to develop themselves first. They have a thing for always being broke and not having enough money to spare.

4. They react when they hear about money. They don’t want to be involved with anyone based on money terms. They prefer to borrow even if they have, they find it pretty hard to spend their own money on people other than themselves.

5. He never gives his folks money. He never supports his siblings. He insists that he needs to develop himself. He is forever broke and lacking personal development.



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