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5 Reasons Why Men Fall for Women Who Are Not Their Type


In most cases, when men are led by their first impression when they approach women. Still, it is not that unusual to see odd couples walking hand in hand around town. When searching for partners, men are quite open-minded and can see beyond first impressions. Today, based on a recently conducted survey, we introduce you to examples of how some men have fallen in love with women who are the polar opposite of their ideal type.

1. She was very friendly.

“She often struck up a conversation with me, and I started to think ‘could she be..?’” It’s very common for a relationship to start out with innocent chats. Especially if he is an introvert, a friendly conversation can break the ice and develop into something more special.

2. We shared the same interests.

“I found out that she was also into motorcycles, and we hit it off from there.” What better way to find your partner than to share the same interests? Other than hobbies, you may find other common threads, such as birthplace, favorite music, or high school. Finding something in common allows you to get to know him much faster.

3. She was nothing like she appeared on the surface, and I was taken aback.

“She looked like an airhead, but when I actually got to know her, she was down to earth and very mature.” This is one example where a gap between your appearance and your real personality can turn heads. Work on polishing your knowledge about current affairs so that you can carry on a meaningful conversation.

4. She showed her caring nature.

“When I grabbed my coat, she helped me put it on. I was so impressed!” Many men are moved by your feminine ways. Simple gestures, such as offering him a glass of water when he coughs or wiping the cafeteria table before he sits down will leave a lasting impression on him.

5. I worked side by side with her.

“As we pulled together to complete the project, we struck a chord on many other subjects.” When you work together with someone, exchanging views and ideas, you can often find a teammate who thinks just like you do. Being involved in a team project not only helps you develop team spirit but may have the added benefit of helping you find a soul mate.



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