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5 Mistakes People Make In Marriage That Lead To Divorce


1. The Absent one: Do you find yourself spending most of your active time away from home? This is dangerous. People don’t get married in order to feel neglected, you are meant to be a companion to your spouse. Become active in your home, deliberately make time to stay at home, time for your spouse and children.

2. The complaining one: Are you constantly focusing on the wrongs your spouse does or the things lacking in your marriage? You will fail to see the progress in your marriage. Marriage is a journey of love, not an event of perfection.

3. The secretive one: Are you inclined to keeping things from your spouse? You hide secrets and rarely disclose things?  This will lead to your spouse being suspicious of you and distant from you.

4. The unforgiving one: Is there one thing or things you still hold against your spouse? Something your spouse did that you keep reminding him/her of? Is your forgiveness real or do you say “I forgive you” but deep down you define your spouse by a wrong he/she did? Your marriage will never blossom when you hold on to the past.

5. The lazy one: Do you take time to invest and put effort in your marriage? Or do you not bother at all? Is your spouse putting effort to pray for your marriage, read about marriage, self building but you are just there? Caring less? This is dangerous. Nothing grows without consistent and deliberate effort.

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