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5 Messages That Make Your Long-Distant Boyfriend Realize That You’re the One for Him


When you’re in a long-distance relationship, extra effort to renew each other’s feelings is a must. You can’t just sit around thinking that his feelings towards you will never change. You have to work hard to make the relationship stronger than ever. Today, we gathered men who are currently in long-distance relationships and asked them to share their opinions on their current situation. Just what kind of messages can you send that will renew his feeling towards you?

1. List things you are looking forward to do with him when you see him next.

“I can picture my next fun date with her and look forward to it,” smiles a man in his 20s. “Let’s go to that new restaurant next time you’re here,” will add more concrete ideas to an otherwise vague relationship. Be careful not to blow your wish list out of proportion, or it’ll only become a burden to him.

2. Be honest and tell him that your day was a total drag without him.

“It will remind me that she needs me,” realizes a man in his late 20s. Your occasional whining about being lonely and missing him will make him want to be near you and to protect you. Still, if the whining becomes too frequent, you’ll start to sound like a high-maintenance woman who can’t function on her own, and that’s not the impression you wan to give your long-distance boyfriend.

3. Out of the blue, tell him you want to see him.

“It caught me by surprise, and I started to wonder if everything was okay with her,” a concerned man in his early 30s tells us. When you can’t hold it inside anymore, tell him that you need to see him. He’ll take your message as a cry for help. The more confident and strong-willed you usually are, the more motivated he’ll be to re-work his schedule so that he can come and see you.

4. Tell him how hard you are working on your end.

“She told me that she’s working towards a promotion, and I felt motivated to do well myself,” said a man in his 20s, filled with renewed energy. When he discovers that you’re setting new goals in your life, he’ll have nothing but admiration and respect for you. “No wonder I fell in love with her.” He’ll acknowledge that you’re better than anyone else in his eyes. A goal, such as running a marathon, may get him involved as your cheerleader.

5. Let him know that a response is not necessary.

“She’s such a caring person and I couldn’t leave her alone,” said a man in his late 20s, touched by how considerate his girlfriend was. You send him a message, but close it with, “I know you’re super busy, so don’t worry about responding.” The thought alone that he has such a gentle, loving girlfriend waiting for him will deter any change of heart he may have ever had. On the contrary, if you keep asking him to text or call you, he may find it too bothersome and may look for tranquility elsewhere.



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