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5 Differences Between Girlfriend and Wife Material


How can you come across as not only girlfriend material, but wife material, as well? Once you’ve got this figured out, you might be able to convince your boyfriend that he should never let you go. This time, we asked guys to tell us the difference between what makes a great girlfriend and what makes a great wife.

1. Whether or not he can have fun with her but also feel calm around her.

When it comes to choosing a life partner, guys look for someone with whom they can relax. “This is important because we will always be around each other,” a guy in his 30s shared. If you sense that your boyfriend is tired, try to suggest a relaxing stay-at-home date instead of going out.

2. Whether or not she shares his financial priorities and can be trusted with the household budget.

If you want to be considered wife material, you need to be someone whom he can trust with his hard-earned money. A guy in his 20s explained, “This is because we’ll be sharing the same bank account if we get married.” Try to avoid splurging on unnecessary things, since he could be watching how you spend your money

3. Whether or not she knows how to act in social situations.

Being familiar with common courtesy for formal and family occasions can make you prime wife material. “Regardless of how much I love someone, she needs to have common sense,” a guy in his 30s stressed. Being involved in your community is a great way to learn how to be courteous and familiarize yourself with social rules. Try to expand your social circle beyond people your own age, and start gaining experience in society at large.

4. Whether or not she will be independent with her own job or hobbies.

Guys want their life partner to be emotionally independent. “I don’t think I can handle someone who needs me in order to function,” a guy in his 20s stated. You can start taking up a new hobby, or join a class that piques your interest. He will find you even more attractive when you know how to meaningfully spend your alone time.

5. Whether or not she has the family values he hopes to establish.

Sharing the same lifestyle and child-rearing views is key if you want him to consider marrying you. “I consider marrying someone if I can imagine what kind domestic life we would have together,” a guy in his 20s explained. If you want to know what his view of family life is, start by asking questions such as, “If you were to have kids, how many would you want?”



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