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4 Tips To Have A Good & Healthy Relationship


Below are some tips on how to have a good relationship with the partner you are currently with or intend to be with.

1. Never resort to physical abuse: Physical relationship abuse is becoming a common thing these days, which is pretty bad. It is a common belief that men should not hit women because they are stronger, and they could get hurt. In the same wise, women should not hit men too! Physical abuse is a wrong way to sort out issues, it only makes the relationship problems worse. Instead, communication and understanding is the key.

2. Don’t blame one other: Don’t blame, for it only results to the following: making you angry,making the person you are blaming feel bad or angry and most importantly, it solves nothing. It just leads to an endless bout of blame shifting. Take responsibility for your actions whether the consequences are bad or good.

3. Be honest: Be truthful with each other about what you do, think, and feel. Honesty creates trust. Few things harm a relationship more than lies.

4. Pursue your own life: It is essential to look after yourself and pursue your own interests and life path. You are unique and here for a reason, and you need to explore that reason. Don’t lose your identity in a relationship, a relationship consist of two people who have something unique they want to offer each other or themselves . So don’t be so focused on the other person and neglect your own life.

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