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3 basic steps to move from friends zone to lovers zone


3 basic steps to move from friends zone to lovers zone

As a guy, have you ever been in a situation where you so much love this girl that you are just normal friends with and then you are not just able to have her as your lover? It’s an awful situation right! You keep dying in silence and you just wish the girl could read what is in your heart. But for girls, they need you to make a move before they can consider you as more than just a friend.

If you are keeping silence, you can’t make the girl feel something for you, but once you are able to grab the confidence and open up to her, she on the other side begins to develop feelings for you and from there, you both can move over from friends’ zone to that lover’s zone you’ve been yearning for.

Today in this article, I will be revealing to you the 3 basic steps you can adapt to move from friends zone to lovers zone. Keep reading.

If you want to move from friends zone to lovers zone, then you need to adopt the techniques lovers use to win their girl. You will not just hang there and expect her to tell you to come and flirt with her. You need to get up and flirt with her; woo her. Your attitude should change from the normal casual talks to some sweet romantic talks. As you are with her, tease her, and tell her some cute words that will turn her on.  As you begin to do so, my brother, she doesn’t need an angel to come down and inform her that the next level has reached. She will begin to have feelings for you. But that is not all, read step 2.

As your attitude changes, do not be afraid to express your feelings to her. Do not be afraid to use words like ‘Date’, ‘Sexy’, ‘Romantic’. I know some guys who begin to panic whenever they are using these words before a girl. Be bold enough to look into her eyes and pour out your feelings before her. Say into her ears, ‘I think you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen’, ‘You look so cute and sexy’, ‘you are smart and gorgeous’. As you speak to her, make sure your eyes are glued to her eyes and don’t shake or panic. Let your feelings be seen in your expression. As you speak to her from time to time, also add this, ‘There is something magical about you that draws me to you’, ‘I know we are just friends, but honestly, I will like to be more than a friend to you’. My brother with your boldness and the way you talk and express your feelings, the feeling in her begins to manifest and then you know you are on your way to the lover’s zone.

Yes, you may be hanging out with her for some time now; you must have tried the step one and two above and she seems not to be getting it or she begins to feel uncomfortable with you, then that is a signal that she doesn’t want to go to the next level with you. So do not be discouraged! You know what you want and you would not settle for less. Leave her out of the next level agenda and move over to another girl.

NOTE:  if you like your normal friendship to continue with her, then you can maintain it but do not give it more attention as you earlier did in the past.



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