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2023 Election That Produced Tinubu As President-Elect Not Perfect – Buhari’s Aide, Femi Adesina


Adesina disclosed this in an article titled, ‘FOR PMB, IT’S NIGERIA AND NOTHING ELSE’ shared on his official Facebook page on Thursday.

wuruwuru. Just give him unimpeachable evidence of underhand dealings, and he throws you away like a bad habit.

“The President’s first loyalty is to the country. Unflinching. Unassailable. Despite being a loyal party man, and committed to the candidate of his party, whom he went round the country campaigning for, he told Nigerians several times: vote for the candidate of your choice across the parties. That’s the heart of a father, a man beyond partisan considerations, as a democratically elected President.

“To prove cynics and septics wrong, the man displayed his ballot paper last Saturday, after voting for APC candidates. Some lawyers have criticized the action, saying it runs contrary to electoral laws. But we know why the President did it. To shut the mouths of conspiracy theorists, who had been trying to establish that he was against the candidate of his party.

“There are contentions about the declared results. Yes, it is part of good electoral practices that those who have issues should be listened to. Even the President himself challenged election results up to Supreme Court three times. When he was ruled out the third time, he said “God dey.” And God eventually showed up. The Almighty is still at work in Nigeria.

“President Buhari has provided a level playing field for all contestants in the election. Any other contrary thing was not at his instance or instigation. Couldn’t have been. He remains the authentic Nigerian hero, a stickler for integrity, accountability and rectitude.”



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