Mourner At Bradley Lowery’s Funeral Spots A Child’s Face In The Sky And A Blue Heart Parting The Clouds.

A mourner who attended Bradley Lowery’s funeral has shared a photo of clouds parting in the sky above the service to form a little boy’s face and the shape of a heart.

Mark Shields, who posted the extraordinary snap on Facebook, wrote: ‘I took this picture at Bradley’s funeral today, just a bit surreal that I looked up for a second and a blue heart formed over the church however the picture has revealed something else.’

‘Look in the top right corner at the little boys face. This is unbelievable.’

Bradley was just six when he died and his family opened parts of the funeral to the public by inviting well-wishers to visit the village and line the streets.

It was reported that hundreds came to pay to their respects to the child who developed a heart-warming friendship with footballer Jermain Defoe, who was playing for nearby Sunderland AFC.

Many mourners wore the club’s red and white strip – in tribute to his support for the team – while others came in the kits of other teams with the name Bradley printed across the back.

Bradley and Mr Defoe developed a close bond following the event, Bradley appeared as a mascot, and the striker continued to stay in touch with his family as his condition worsened.

Bradley’s mum, Gemma, read a poem for her little boy, whose last few months were spent bravely battling a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma, and raising awareness to help others fight the disease.

The poem read: “For now my baby, we will say goodbye. We’ll meet again, our superhero, high up in the sky.”

RIP Bradley.