No matter how much you try to justify being in a relationship with a married man, there are no positive reasons for dating a married man.

    Below are 18 top reasons why you shouldn’t date a married man

    1. Dating a married man is just plain wrong. No reason justifies your action.

    2. You will always be second best when you date a married man. Why be second best to a married man when you can be another man’s number one?

    3. When you date a married man, everything about the relationship will be a secret because he doesn’t want anyone to know about the relationship.

    4. You ruin your reputation when you date a married man as you give people another reason to speak poorly of you.

    5. Why date a married man when he will never truly be yours. He’s married to another woman and he will never fully be able to commit to you.

    6. Dating a married man never has a happy ending.

    7. You are just a tool for his sexual gratification. No matter what he tells you, you definitely mean nothing to him.

    8. Time waits for no one. When you date a married man, you just waste precious time you might have had in a healthy relationship with a chance of flourishing.

    9. You won’t have him during special moments in his life as he would definitely spend it with his wife and family.

    10. You can’t see him or call him anytime you want. What’s the point being in a relationship in which you can’t call or see your partner anytime you want?

    11. You will become a regular customer at a hotel off town because you can’t come to his house.

    12. If someone he knows sees the both of you together, you will be introduced as his niece, cousin or even baby sitter. Why don’t you spare yourself such embarrassments.

    13. He might tell you his marriage is having issues and promise to marry you but that’s what they always say. It’s all lies.

    14. He will never respect you as a person.

    15. You can’t proudly introduce him as your man in public.

    16. Every man who knows about his relationship with you will see you as cheap and loose.

    17. If he can cheat on his wife to be with you, he will definitely cheat on you to be with someone else when he becomes tired of you.

    18. You stand a high chance of being publicly disgraced in public by a crazy wife. Spare yourself such embarrassment.



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