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14 Important Questions To Ask Your Partner In A Relationship


A relationship as beautiful as it is; still needs a lot of work, loyalty and comes with a lot of responsibilities. To be able to function well in an organization, you need some information and some questions. Same is needed a relationship to work, there’s nothing bad in asking questions to know more about your partner and know your stance in their lives, your boundaries and more. We have listed 14 important questions to ask your partner In a Relationship.

1. What Exactly Do You Want In Our Relationship?

What is life without a mission? Asking the direction is the most paramount question, knowing if you both have the same plans for your relationship? Or if both are in accordance with each other.

2. What Happened In Your Last Relationship?

Why Didn’t It Work Out? Knowing why it didn’t work out in the previous relationship will help to make rules, giving you clues on their character and how to act with them to avoid misunderstanding.

3. What Are Your Uncompromising Standards?

We have and should have standards and values we live by. Setting up such standards and letting your partner know and knowing theirs will help set a couple of guidelines in your interaction and relationship.

4. What Do You Consider Cheating Or Betrayal?

We all have our personal definition of what cheating and betrayal is. Also, there are forms of infidelity and cheating that should be looked at. You need to know what your partner counts as cheating and know when to draw the line, so as not to fuel jealousy and betrayal.

5. Is Sexual Purity Important To You?

Having a partner who shares the same view with you on abstinence should be your aim as a Christian. What’s their view on sexual purity?

6. What Do You Value Most In A Relationship?

There are things we hold in high esteem in friendship or relationship of any sort. Your idea on what your partners own will help foster love and trust between you both.

7. Do You Think That We Can Make Each Other Better?

How much trust do you have in him/her to bring the best in you? Do they trust to do likewise? How much trust do you both have in your relationship? These are questions that need to be asked.

8. Would You Stand by Me, No Matter What?

The knowledge of knowing if your partner has your back and will consistently stand by you at an important and crucial time helps you gain a level of trust and love for each other.

9. How Do You Deal With Difficult Situations?

It helps you know how to react to them at such times. To back out and give them space or to help them out. We all react differently to difficult situations, and our needs are different at such points. Identify that of your partner, to know how to help.

10. What Are Your Top Priorities?

Are you one of their top priorities? Do family and friends matter to them? What are their goals in life? Are their ones you’ll be proud of

11. What is Your Relationship with Your Family?

People’s relationship with their family tells a lot about their characters and reaction to certain things. Of course, it’s not a straight line graph.

12. What’s your Stance on Gender Equality?

This is one very important question that determines your position and role if marriage and home are formed.

13. What Are Your Great Relationship Fears?

We all have our fears. When it comes to a relationship, it could be cheating, betrayal or silent treatments.

14. What is or will be Your Greatest Accomplishment in Life?

Are they passion driven? What have they achieved to make you proud, and what do they plan to do with the rest of their lives?

These questions no matter how silly and cliché they look will go a great way to strengthen and build your relationship on a strong foundation.

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