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13 effective ways to win a girl’s heart


13 effective ways to win a girl’s heart

You’ve found that special one and you want her to be yours but you don’t know what to do, how to start, and who to run to. Yes! I just used the word “run to” because actually it’s an emergency issue; you won’t be the only one trying, so you’ve got to strive for what you want. To do that, read and be guided by the following strategies.

Do you think girls love when you fake it? Not at all. The truth is, you can’t keep up with it, and when they get to discover, you have ruined it all. There’s nothing like being real and making a girl love you for who you are. You won’t have to go through all that stress living a fake life and you will have that peace of mind that she loves you for real. But if you decide to be fake and claim who you are not and you think you’ve won her heart, my dear sorry, but you’ve not because she doesn’t love you but the fake you. So being real matters a lot.

Some guys just feel the best way to win her heart is just barging in. If so, you got it all wrong; the best way is to be friends with her first. Be that person that can tell her where she’s wrong notwithstanding her reaction, one that can play with her like a brother, joke her, tease her, have quarrels and at the same time forgive each other.

This will make her rely on you greatly and in most cases her feelings for you will grow very fast to the extent she would wish you two were more than friends. During this time, you are also using the avenue to study the kind of person she is, if really she’s good for you, all depends on your observations and findings.

Take it or leave it, one thing that attracts her to you is your confidence. When you are the sluggish and dull type, you are doing yourself no good because you won’t be able to express yourself, but when you are an embodiment of confidence you can express yourself and speak up for yourself as this is a plus to winning her heart.

Guys listen up, being creative is not making some awkward move or bathing her with gifts just to impress her or even using your bank account to please her. No! Learn to think outside the box which is not trying to do what other men do to impress a lady. Do things that no one has done before, put up your thought into your date so you will make her feel special and different from every other girl.

Girls so much love jovial guys, who are full of humour, free and humble to the core. They motivate them and get them close to you. Be free to have that fun you want to have with her. Make her laugh; show her that with you there is never a dull moment.

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