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12 sad signs that indicate the man sees nothing special in the relationship


Love is the strongest feeling. It can bring both great joy and misery. Love brings a special suffering when you feel that a loved one no longer loves you. If you are thinking about your relationship and feel that something has changed, pay attention to the behavior of your partner.


It may show the way things are in your relationships.If in your relationship you will meet the following signs, you may need to think about the rupture of relations. There’s no point in continuing a relationship that has no future.

These signs will help you to determine the love you have or don’t have. However, each person is unique and may behave differently. Don’t take these signs as if they are the only true indicator.

#1 He doesn’t show his love anymore.

If your partner stops taking an interest in you, he may have feelings for someone else. Focus on yourself, find new hobbies and don’t try to force him to spend time with you.

#2 He has something else on his mind.

If your partner spends time with you and his heart and mind are somewhere else, you should forget him and enjoy your free life.

#3 Your partner constantly blames you

Don’t endure undeserved accusations from your partner, take a stand and find a way out of this relationship.

#4 You have nothing to talk about

If you have to try to fill awkward silences and you still have to try to make him talk. It may be too late. You have become two different people.

#5 He comes up with excuses for not being with you

If he is always busy working, going on business trips and doesn’t want to spend time with you, then it shows his feelings for you. Or rather the lack of them.

#6 Your partner doesn’t support you

Your partner never asks how your day was, gets angry when you ask him to do something and anything you do is not enough.

#7 You feel the pain

You hate yourself for your feelings and you don’t want to stay in this relationship.

#8 He no longer makes plans for your future together.

Maybe his feelings have changed and he no longer sees a future with you.

#9 Your partner sees no need to give you any explanations

He doesn’t want to waste time on unnecessary explanations. He asks you to give him more personal space.

#10 He’s not jealous

If you see that your partner is not interested in who you have been spending your time with, he no longer has feelings for you.

#11 He avoids touching and physical intimacy

The rejection of physical intimacy suggests that he has already got it with someone else.

#12 He doesn’t respect you

If it is easier to remember the bad times with him instead of the good ones, this relationship will only make you suffer.



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