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10 Ways To Make Your Partner Love You More


There’s nothing more joyous than knowing the person we love, loves us right back, it’s a feeling that’s incomparable. Keeping the fire of your love, not only glowing but growing too, can be so tedious. Our relationship isn’t a one-sided thing or dominant stuff, to be started and left off. There are lots of ways to make your partner love you more and we will be stating 10 cool ways below.

1. Give them compliments: We all love compliments, it makes us blush and feel appreciated. Learn to compliment your partner, even at awkward times.

2. Show Stability and Independence: When you’re competent to manage your problems and are able to fix them, without their input, show a strong and independent Nigeria.

3. Be an Adventure: Mystery and the search of knowledge keep us going. Don’t spill it all out at the beginning. Leave a trail to follow, to keep the interest burning.

4. Work on Yourself: Be someone you will be proud of. Work on your skills, look, attitude as a whole, to become someone your partner should be happy and feel lucky for having.

5. Make surprises: We all love surprises, one given out of love and thoughtfulness. A meal, some actions, and some words. Take your partner by surprise.

6. Go for events together: Common Dreams, ideas, and goals draw the bond closer. Going for events together, keeps the fire burning and interest growing.

7. Respect Boundaries: No matter, how silly and stupid their boundaries may look like or be. Respect it; it shows love and respect towards your partner.

8. Send Random Messages: Texts that makes one swoon and go all “awwwnnn” are stick to the mind and gets attached to the heart.

9. Gift them their favourite things: Does he love Football? Get him, his favourite club shirt or a PlayStation. Those trending designers bag and shoes bought by you, never go out of fashion.

10. Get along With their Family and Friends: If their family and friends accept you. You have a guaranteed a more loving bond created.



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