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10 Reasons Why You’re Still Single


There are many reasons that could explain a person’s single status. Are You getting tired of being single while your friends are going on dates with their lovers, leaving you behind or you being the third wheel. You’re wondering what is so wrong with you, well if it could be your fault, and you can change. To help place things in context, here are 10 plausible reasons about for what reason despite everything you’re single.

1. You’re still hung up on your former flame: You still fancy the idea of getting back to your ex or that crush down the street or on Facebook. There’s nothing bad about hoping but some of these are unrealistic and stop you from meeting someone awesome to go out with. You need getting over your potential date and meet available ones.

2. You have low self-esteem: You don’t think of yourself as being good enough for anyone. You don’t feel comfortable with your body; you see faults in your legs, eyes and some other parts of your body forgetting that nobody is perfect, we all have our shortcomings.

3. You run away from love: You run away at any slight chances of someone being in love with you or you falling in love, bring up reasons why it would never work out, like work or silly behaviour traits.

4. You’re looking for the one: No one is telling you to go below your expectations about who you want to spend your life with, but life is not a straight line graph, they will always be curves and turns. The person you don’t think is the one might end up being the love of your life and there’s nothing with wanting to experience life before old age.

5. Your expectations are too low: This can also be likened to low self-esteem; you wonder ‘why are they settling for me? They are better people out there”, “they are too perfect to like me” or “they will get tired of me soon enough. You keep writing people off, expecting them to always hurt you.

6. You have an unrealistic definition of love: You believe so much in the romance novels and Hollywood movies we read. You expect your partner to tick your entire checklist, have same likes like you or love everything you do, not finding out and pointing out your faults.

7. You fear rejection: We all fear rejection and failure. But we forget we never can tell what happens,you get rejected? You will move on, what if they accept and it turns into a beautiful relationship.

8. You’re unavailable: When you become too engrossed in your career, personal life, spending time alone or rather with friends, falling in love is nearly impossible. Falling in love or dating most times means meeting new people, which of your daily activities rarely permit you to meet people. Change your daily schedule.

9. You’re too picky: There is a big difference between choosing who you date and pushing off people for unreasonable reasons. You choose a partner, someone who matches your interest and goals in life than dropping people cause of their accents, race or how they walk.

10. You love being single: Most times, you just crave for independence, the opportunity to grow and learn. There’s a time to be selfish and explore through life.



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