Teacher who walks 42km to school everyday rewarded with a fan

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A teacher who walks 42km each day in order to go teach has been awarded with a standing fan in the Tolon District in the Northern Region of Ghana.

The teacher was reported to have been presented with the award on the occasions of the country’s 61st Independence Anniversary ceremony parade at the district.


The teacher, identified as Awudu Kombian is the only teacher serving in the district for many years now and he teachers at the Warvi D/A primary school.

It was reported that the man travels 42kilometers every day to the school to prepare the pupils for lessons. He also doubles as the headmaster in the school where he performs other administrative responsibilities.

Teacher who walks 42km to school everyday rewarded with a fan lailasnews

According to the parents of the pupils in the school, the school is always on lock anytime Mr Awudu Kombian is not able to make it down due to illness or any other unforeseen circumstances.

The teacher however expressed joy in his profession. According to him, the community is deprived of basic education and he has the responsibilities of ensuring that the children over there are educated. Though he would have loved to reside there within the community, but there is no accommodation provided there in.

“It’s very challenging but as a professional you have to always do your best to see what you can do in the midst of the challenges. Every day I have to travel about 42kms to go and teach, because it’s a very deprived community, and places like that you don’t have accommodation so even if you are willing to even stay there, there is no accommodation for you”, he said.

The award was presented by the district director of education Reverend Georgina Anaaba Norga. He however implored the teacher to continue with the good work and pray that help comes his way soonest.


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