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There are lots of techniques out there on the best way to brush the teeth and it’s really confusing. So which method is really the best way to brush?

A study has revealed the best way to brush your teeth and this piece of information should excite you. According to Aubrey Sheiham, Emeritus Professor of Dental Public Health at University College London who is the senior author of the study,  “brush gently with a simple horizontal scrubbing motion, with the brush at a forty-five degree angle to get to the dental plaque’’.

That’s not all she had to say about the best way you should brush

“To avoid brushing too hard, hold the brush with a pencil grip rather than a fist. This simple method is perfectly effective at keeping your gums healthy’’.

The study was published in the British Dental Journal and Sheiham criticised the lack of consistency in advice, particularly that children are commonly taught a different method to adults. Sheiham feels the public needs to have sound information on the best method to brush their teeth.

Now this might interest you too. According to Prof. Sheiham, there is little point in brushing after eating sweets or sugary drinks to prevent tooth decay. It takes bacteria from food about two minutes to start producing acid, so if you brush your teeth a few minutes after eating sugary foods, the acid will have damaged the enamel.

According to Lead author Dr John Wainwright, who carried out the study at UCL, the purpose of the research was not to identify the best method but to highlight that there are many techniques that are advocated and encourage dental experts for form a consensus.