7 Benefits to Taking a Walk with your Spouse


Here are seven benefits to taking a walk together with your spouse:

1. Health Benefits:

A 20-30 minute walk with your spouse can be very helpful to your health.   A good walk on a regular basis can help reduce stress, increase energy and blood flow, and even improve your love life.

2. Time to Talk:

A stroll with your spouse can give you some uninterrupted time to catch up on life, to talk about things both big and small and everything in between. I made the mistake one time to use our walk to talk to Susan about “things she needed to do” and “how she needed to change.” Not a good idea! It took the fun out of it and it even took Susan a while to want to go walking again. Sure, you can have meaningful discussions on your walk, but I’d encourage you not to use it as a time to address tough issues with your spouse just because you’ve got a captive audience.

3. Time to Just Be Together without an Agenda:

You don’t have to talk about anything.  Sometimes it’s just nice to be with each other with nothing but the sounds of nature and the footsteps. Silence and Solitude [link to blog] can be good for you sometimes.

4. Time to Get Away from Everything for a Short While:

It’s a good thing for you (and for your kids to see) to make time alone for each other a priority.  But time can be hard to come by.  A short walk at least clears the decks for a little while, and shows your kids where your priorities are.

5. Time to Decompress:

After a stressful day, a walk can help you clear the head and the heart.  Maybe you can even share some of your challenges of the day with your spouse who can help you see things more objectively, and will often appreciate your transparency with them.

6. Making Memories:

Your walks may not be the most earth-shattering thing you do as a couple, but the cumulative effect of those times together will make a lasting impact. Many years from now, you may very well appreciate that one-on-one time with your spouse.

7. A Different View Gives a Different Perspective:

The scenery of a walk can really affect the attitude and perspective of the heart.  Try taking a walk and noticing things you’ve never noticed before.  Enjoy the views, and point out the things to your spouse that you are appreciating, including her.


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