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Three Old Ladies Tell Him They Can Guess His Age. When You See How, You’ll Crack Up So Hard!

The old “guess your age” trick is a bit of a cliche, but some people really are pretty good at this sort of thing. When one old man was walking through the park near his nursing home, he came upon a trio of elderly ladies who claimed to have this talent… but it wasn’t long before he realized they had a trick up their sleeves!

There were three giggling old ladies seated on a park bench as the old man passed by on his walk. One of them called out, “We bet you we can guess how old you are!” The man was at first taken aback, but then he decided that was a bet he’d take. “No way!” He shouted.


“Okay, just take off your pants and your underwear and we’ll be able to guess.” A little embarrassed but determined, the man complied. Next, they told him he needed to turn around in a circle and jump up and down three times.


As he finished with this instruction, the laughing ladies shouted at once, “You’re 87!” In awe — pants around his ankles — the man asked them how in the world they’d guessed right. That’s when, still cracking up, they told him their secret: “We were at your birthday party yesterday!”


If anyone needs me, I’ll be laughing about this one all day. With age comes a great sense of humor, huh?

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