She Woke Up Alone, But When She Looked In The Backyard She Was Brought To Tears

Earlier this year Schwarzkopf, a company that creates hair care products and hair color for women, made a commercial entitled “You.”  The video follows a couple and is narrated by the man.  Throughout, you can see he has a special project going out in the yard, but he never talks about what it is.  It isn’t until the woman wakes up alone one morning that we see what he has been up to.

This was originally created for Valentine’s Day, but they want you to remember that you don’t need a holiday as an excuse to do something special for someone you love.  In the description of the video, they say, “See how true love creates beauty: Enjoy a wonderful story about a man, a woman, flowers and the little things that make us fall in love with someone. Not just on Valentine’s day, but every day a bit more.”  Check out this cute commercial with its wonderful message.


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