Wendy Williams has no chill when it comes to Rihanna and her love life!
In a new episode of her TV show – Wendy Williams Show – the controversial talk show host described the “Work” singer as a “holla back girl” after a picture of RiRi grinding on Drake popped up on the projector.

“I think that Rihanna, at this point of her life is a holla back girl,” Wendy explained when asked if she thinks Rihanna and the Canadian rapper are dating.

“A holla back girl is a girl that guys have fun with, with no intentions of bringing to mom,” Wendy continued.

She didn’t end there. “I believe she’s a holla back girl… and there’s nothing wrong with that at her particular age but I just want you to know that if she’s serious with any one cause no one could be serious with her because she is a holla back girl.”

Well some fans are reacting to Wnedy’s comments and it’s not looking good. “Wow!!! Some things is funny but then she can be rude. To degrade a young woman instead of lifting her up. This is more than petty,” one fan wrote on Instagram.


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